In the landscape of the Arcole area and in the complex stratigraphic composition of its soils one can rediscover, recognize and come into actual physical contact with a unique and emotionally charged heritage. It is made up of local terracotta architecture; of the extremely hard toil of the zone’s inhabitants, veritable forgers of open spaces; of land that is often wed to the vine in an unshakeable marriage, and of a process of historical evolution which has had a profound influence on its development and which offers us an almost intact image of its past.
The Arcole DOC fits perfectly into this context and, indeed, finds its most authentic expression in this very environment. Here one still finds traditional domestic wine cellars, and the natural agricultural cycle has not been shunned to make way for the steamroller of technology. In this way, we can still experience genuine flavours and perfumes, as well as being made aware of the dedication of the farm workers who, through their passion, succeed in giving a heightened value to the time-honoured moments of vine cultivation, harvesting and vinification.
The Arcole DOC Wine Road will reveal to us the spaces and timeframe of a journey through life of great human and spiritual significance: one imbued with those values that make this area the most truly representative of the Veneto’s civilization.
This heritage has continually to be revived and re-experienced. The wine that expresses it is a true symbol and guarantee of its quality.